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Adapting to a remote world

Over just two years ago, remote working and managing remote teams always sounded like theory or a goal that would someday be made possible. No one would have imagined that the world would be functioning the way it is today. 

However, now that we are here, we have to make the best of the world we have shifted into. 

Companies have to become more innovative with how they would keep businesses afloat, all while working remotely. Many companies have experienced some trial and errors in this remote world, from video calls to scheduled webinars. 


We have had to depend on cutting-edge technology to keep us all connected and with contact centres; the game was on and giving customers the best service was the ultimate prize. 

Although we have slowly adapted to the new remote world, some companies are still trying to get the right tools to keep productivity levels stable. 

Understanding how challenging it has been to manage remote teams, especially in the contact centre industry, we are excited to tell you more about ScopServ’s very own – SCOPTEAMS

SCOPTEAMS works seamlessly to enrich the Teams user experience with business telephony features to communicate with conventional phone extensions to link Teams and non-Teams users together. 

Each company subscribing to SCOPTEAMS subscribes to Microsoft 365. Taking advantage of the wide variety of advanced features of the SCOPTEL IPBX and the professional telephony directly offered in Teams.  

SCOPTEL IPBX is an All-In-One Solution by ScopServ. Compared to other major players in the corporate communications industry, the SCOPTEL IPBX VoIP solution is recognized as the most robust and economical alternative to traditional or proprietary telephony. SCOPTEAMS is one of the pillars under SCOPTEL IPBX.

Now with all that information, you may wonder, “what’s in it for me?”

Buckle up because next, I am about to share the benefits of SCOPTEAMS with you. 


SCOPTEAMS is a cloud service. 

SCOPTEAMS is a Cloud-based service for easily connecting Teams users to SCOPTEL IPBX on a per-user delivered from the Cloud without the need for hardware or software nor changes to the existing telephone configuration. 

SCOPTEAMS combines collaboration and voice to work from anywhere on any device.

Opportunity to collaborate. 

With SCOPTEAMS, the Teams user will behave like any other user in the company. Keeping the SCOPTEL IPBX for configuration and call management. 

SCOPTEAMS provides professional-grade calling functionality to Teams users to communicate seamlessly with other non-Teams users, all within a single company. 

High Performance 

SCOPTEAMS unlock the combined benefits of Teams and SCOPTEL IPBX to communicate more effectively with PSTN calling for every user to create a proper enterprise voice solution.

Customers can use a combination of existing VoIP phones and Teams user devices while keeping all advanced features in place with SCOPTEL IPBX

If this sounds like just the right solution for your remote team, get in touch with us, and we’ll have your remote working team work smarter and conveniently. / 

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